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Flashback February 2011

February 9th, 2012 , Posted in my family, Personal

This time of year when things calm down I like to go back and rediscover all the photos that I never had time to really look at or edit. Sometimes I feel like I’m storing up our memories on my computer. Someday I’ll get them all printed out in an album or book. Right, lol. For now, I’ll share here when I can.

February 3, 2011

Yes, I occasionally let my children drink coffee. We start them young when we let them dip a finger in our coffee cups and by the time they’re 5 they’re begging for a cup of their own.

So every once in a while I’ll mix a lot of milk with a little coffee and let them think they’re adults.

Chore Chart Share

August 25th, 2011 , Posted in MiaBella Phtoshop Products, my family, Personal

Over the summer I made a chart to help the kids remember what they needed to do to help around the house. Damian and I feel that along with free playtime, it’s very important that our kids learn to be a contributing member of the family. Whether that means simply helping me sort laundry or cleaning up after dinner or caring for the animals, we want them to help out. We also want them to know what is means to work hard and to appreciate their ability to accomplish tasks.

The chores on this chart are ones that (for the most part) I expect them to do daily during the summer. During the school year I ask them to do less because I do want them to have time to just be kids. We also assign larger chores about once a week such as clearing out dead plants in the garden, cleaning the van inside and out, cleaning out the stalls and so on. We typically pay them for these larger chores instead of giving them an allowance.

I had trouble finding an chart that I liked so I thought I would share the one I made here. I have boxes beside each chore that we fill in with a dry erase marker every week. Each child has a color; for example Garrett is blue, Chris is green and Bella is red. At first I let them pick chores, but after a while (and some arguing about who got which chore) figured out that it was better if I just assign them weekly and try to mix it up. It worked great this summer and for the school year I plan on just assigning 1-2 easy chores per day. The extras will just stay blank and Damian and I will pick up the slack. Although having the kids gone all day makes for less mess.

I had my chart printed as a 12×18 dry erase board at a professional photo lab. For those of you who aren’t photographers, I’m certain there are plenty of other places that will print a dry erase board as well.

I hope you like it!

Download Link

Please note that the file is a layered file (so you can change the chores) and you will need Photoshop to edit it.

The chart is free, but I would love a comment to hear how you handle chores at your house.

the simple life

August 20th, 2011 , Posted in my family, Personal

I used to think I needed to keep up with everyone, to have amazing clothes, the perfect hair style, nice cars, live in the best neighborhood, etc. But over the years I’ve learned that I love the simple life with all of my heart.

I love the early mornings with my baby cuddled up beside me as we play and watch the sun rise. I love the sound of my boys thundering down the stairs (and the occasional sleeping bag race down as well). I love the walks through the woods in the fall. Our family gathered around playing a game in the winter. I love the smells of a good, home cooked meal floating through the house.  I love making our house a home that they WANT to come home to, a place they feel safe in. I love the daily challenge of raising my children to be confident, respectful people who love God with all of their hearts. I love the reward of working hard with my hands and growing the food that we eat. I love being there when my children get home from school.  I love the simple moments I find each day.

So while I’m normally found in a t-shirt and jeans, have crazy curly hair that is never perfect, drive the typical mom mini-van, live in the middle of nowhere in the country  and my house is often full of loud, messy kids, my heart is beyond full.

A simple evening last week.

Little Lilly in a big world.

Silly Lilly

Silly Lilly face.

Practicing standing!

He is sooo good with babies. He’s going to make an amazing dad someday.

She takes after me and is fascinated by big, beautiful skies.

What happens when I try to photograph my brood.

*all photos edited with the Peach Fuzz action from the Lilly Set.

these moments

July 13th, 2011 , Posted in my family, Personal, Uncategorized

This post has been a long time coming. Over the last year or so there has been a shift in my life. Whether it came from the chaos and excitement of moving to a new home, the amazing joy of a new baby, the industry I love so much being slowly eroded away, or the desire to just. slow. down. I’m not sure. Perhaps all of the above. However it came about, my focus has changed. I want to live in the moment, to enjoy the memories that are slipping by so quickly. My goodness, I am about to be the mother of a 12 YEAR OLD. Where did time go? I see my children changing overnight and I want to cherish their childhoods, not rush through it trying stay on top of “everything”.  I am blessed to have the option to work less and spend more time with them and I am taking it. I will have the time to build the career of my dreams later. I want to build well balanced and happy little people right now.

I will still be working, but it will be considerably less. So…I will be booking very limited sessions and screening all clients to ensure I am the perfect photographer to capture their own precious memories. And loving every precious minute being a mom to my little ones. I hope all of you out there remember to take the time to live in the moment.




Beautiful print by TheWheatfield on Etsy.


May 2nd, 2011 , Posted in Indianapolis Baby Photographer, Indianapolis Children's Photographer, Indianapolis Photographer, Lilly, my family, Personal

This month the wonderfully talented group I’m posting with has chosen the theme “Monochrome”. We’re each supposed to post an image that is our interpretation of that word and I am so excited to see what everyone has come up with! I invite you to follow the blog carousel as well by clicking the links at the bottom of each post.  So grab your cup of coffee and have fun browsing through each blog!


I chose a portrait that was simple in it’s design, yet by the time I finished processing the image, it had a totally different feeling. When I first loaded this image into Photoshop, I stopped as I always do to think about how I wanted to process it. I knew I wanted a vintage feel based on her clothing. I also wanted to make the portrait look old, worn and treasured. Ever since Lilly was just a few days old, my mom has told me how much she reminds her of a photograph of my Nonnie (a variation of of the word “grandma” in Italian) when she was a baby. So as a nod to that photograph, this is what I created.



I hope you enjoyed my post and ask that you please visit my amazingly talented friend’s blog next. Head over to Calgary portrait Photographer, Brandy Anderson to see her take on this month’s theme.


My sweet nephew – Indianapolis Baby Photographer

March 15th, 2011 , Posted in Lilly, my family, Personal

My sister brought C. over for his 6 month photos and this was one of my favorites. C is the smiliest, sweetest, drooliest little man and I love it when I get to see him. It’s been so fun having a baby nearly the same age as my sister’s little guy -Lilly and C. were both born EXACTLY one month apart. And both came a little before their due dates too. Very ironic.

We love to just sit them in front of each other and watch what they decide to do. Yes, we’re easily entertained by our beautiful children. 😉

“Uh…Mama, could you please wipe his face before he gets drool on me?”

Staring contest

“Aunt, Sarah, you saw that right?! He took my toy!

“That’s right, I took it. Whacha gonna do about it?”

“Haha…I’ll just snatch it back!”

“Who cares? I have  a perfectly delicious hand to chew one.”

feeding the birds

February 21st, 2011 , Posted in Bella, my family, Personal

Bella received this bird feeder kit from her aunt for Christmas and loved putting it together. She’s such an animal lover and this was the perfect gift for her age.

it’s garden time!

February 10th, 2011 , Posted in Garden, my family, Personal

It’s that time of year! You know…the time when you spend hours poring over seed catalogs, dreaming and planning your garden, hoping and waiting for the weather to change. Before you know it the air will be warmer and the ground will thaw! Yep, it will happen.

Planting a garden is a big deal to me. About 7 years ago I had an epiphany. I don’t know what triggered it, I really don’t recall. But I wanted so badly to live as much off the grid as we could in this society. I wanted my own cow, (yeah, don’t laugh) chickens, a huge garden to feed my family with enough left over to store for winter. I wanted to know that the food I put into my little children was wholesome and I wanted to know where it came from. Well, my husband talked me out of the cow. But I did grow a massive garden, froze tons of veggies that lasted nearly all winter and we bought chickens that kept us in eggs most of the year. We switched to organic milk.  I did consider buying a share of beef, but never did that. I read books about growing your own food, about raising your own chickens. I was invested.

I did this for a couple of years, but after Bella arrived and I started my business it took back burner. I still bought as much organic as I could, but didn’t raise much myself. Some tomatoes and peppers and herbs.

Now that we have this new house with plenty of land, I’m back at it. I’ve done this before so I know it’s a massive commitment to raise our own food. But every grocery trip affirms that it’s what is right for us. I look at every label when I shop, torn between cost savings and healthy eating. It’s not cheap feeding a family of 6-especially with 2 always hungry boys! Even with coupons and sales the good stuff is pricey. We’ve been blessed and don’t have to worry about whether or not we can feed our kids, but honestly in this day and age, we’re all on a budget. And the more I can save on groceries means the more I can set aside for a rainy day or charitable giving or retirement or college or you name it! Growing our own will help us spend far less on food. And yes, chickens will be arriving this spring as well.

So the garden this year will be big. I know it will take hours to manage. But the reward of knowing where my family’s food is coming from, knowing where the seed came from, what was put on the plants, is priceless. Want your eyes opened? Watch The Future of Food and Food Inc.

The systems that are “supposed” to be set in place to keep us safe are failing us in favor of money.

Don’t have room for your own garden? Get a local CSA like my sister does every year. I loved watching all the delicious food come through her home last year. Buy from your local farmer’s market. Or partner with someone in your circle of friends and help them with their garden in exchange for some fresh fruits and veggies. I would welcome an exchange like that.

After all, when they start out this perfect, we can’t help but to want to put only good things in them.

I love (no…need) a challenge

February 4th, 2011 , Posted in House, Indianapolis Photographer, my family, Personal

My sister and I were talking recently and decided we kind of like a little excitement in our lives. Not family catastrophe kind of drama or course, but we both love a good challenge that keeps us busy. Life is boring without trying to tackle something that isn’t easily done.

I had a love-hate relationship with my last house. I loved the challenge of making a dated, historic house work for our family without ruining it’s character. However, I didn’t care so much for the amount of time it took away from my kids and the expense of all the not so creative repairs.

In spite of the work involved when we first started house hunting last spring we (really, I) wanted a big, beautiful, old house with land in the country. One that didn’t need anything other then cosmetic work, had all new pipes, completely updated electric, was well insulated, fairly easy to heat, in the right community. LOL! Even if we added a few hundred thousand to our budget those houses were nearly non-existent. After realizing we weren’t going to get that, Damian convinced me to give a new house a chance. And by new, I mean built within the last couple of decades. Afterall, we have 4 children and  caring for them is a full time job. We decided we would rather have more time to enjoy our children while they are little and not spend these years fixing up another fixer upper.  The more I thought about it the more it seemed liked the right choice.

So we found an 11 year old house we liked, put an offer on it, it was accepted and we were thrilled. We got an offer on our house about the same time and set a date to close. However, the deal fell through on the new house after the owner refused to negotiate on an item that made the house uninsurable. We were a little concerned at this point because we were due to move out of our home in 3 weeks! We set up a day to house hunt with our awesome realtor, Leigh Turner, and prayed we would find the perfect home.

I made a list of every available house I liked, combined it with the ones Leigh had found, and we started early in the morning. By dinner time we had seen 7-8 houses and were panicking because we didn’t fall in LOVE with any. We had one house left to see and when we pulled up I was hopeful. It was in the country, it was oh, so quiet there.  A gorgeous drive, fields all around, the few neighbors there were also had large lots so no development would ever be built there. Yet it was near shopping and not a bad drive for D to get to work. The house was totally what Damian wanted-a big brick home. I prefer a more country style house, but I had to admit it was pretty. As we toured the house it was obvious this was the perfect home for us. Plenty of bedrooms for our brood, a big kitchen, perfect open floor plan for parties, wood floors where we wanted them, nice finishes and a pool. Plus tons of land, a large barn with horse stalls and an office.

So fast forward to now. We’ve moved in, the house is amazing and I have to pinch myself to believe it’s ours. This down market allowed us to buy a house that 5 years ago would have been out of our reach. God is good and we are so very blessed.

So what is the challenge you ask? Why did I buy a new home when I like projects? Well, we have plenty of projects, but instead of gutting rooms these projects are the kind I love. Adding the cosmetic touches that will make this house an amazing home. Some wainscoting, crown molding, building a gazebo, a deck, granite in the kitchen, making the cabinets more “custom”, painting, decorating, replacing the lights, maybe a pool house, flower beds, a kitchen garden, adding a chicken coop, sandbox…etc. And the main challenge is making this traditional American home fit my vintage-shabby chic-with touch of modern thrown in-style.

Here is the house before we moved in. Stay tuned for updated pictures as I work my way through the house.

Wow, it looks so bare compared to now, lol.

iced in

February 2nd, 2011 , Posted in my family, Personal

Day 2 with no school at the Profancik house.  It was actually nice yesterday…after a week of sickness traveling around they were finally all healthy and happy. We played Apples to Apples, made cookies, turkey burgers, played some SimCity, and drew. Fun times! However, 4 kids home means little time for posting so this is a quick one. Stay safe everyone!

A happy Lilly in her new crib.