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July 2013

January 24th, 2014 , Posted in Farm, my family, Personal

July was a flurry of birthdays, endless days full of weeding and harvesting for our farm customers, canning and preserving food, starting fall seedlings. Work from sunup to sundown meant that most of my photos were captured on my phone. If you want to see more, find me on Instagram at

This will suffice for July…a rare moment of peace and quiet in an incredibly busy month.


Wayward Lane Farm – June 2013

January 23rd, 2014 , Posted in Farm, Personal

June is an incredibly busy month! Babies being born on the farm, kids birthdays, vegetable fields exploding, everything is busy and alive.


Moon setting in the west while the sunrise below happens in the east.IC0A0132web IC0A0137web

Cow licking a cow licking a dog next to a sleeping dog. IC0A0182web

Pigs are so curious!IC0A0189web

Our new goats.

IC0A0195web IC0A0200 copyweb IMG_8582web

Jersey baby trying to stand moments after being born.


He did it!


And mama nearly knocking him over with her cleaning.


January 22nd, 2014 , Posted in Bella, Farm, Lilly, my family, Personal

From May 2013


We spent a lot of time out on the back patio playing in buckets of water.


Sugar got HUGE.


Dandelions like never before!


She loves helping with the eggs…even though she cracks half and can’t always carry the basket. 


My little farm girl.



Again with the insane dandelions!

IMG_8532web IMG_8543web

Bella proving that she IS NOT a morning person.


Pretty typical attire for Lilly. 🙂


One of the many rainbows we are always so blessed to see out here.  Seems we’ve spent a lot of time the last 2 years sitting out here praying for rain and watching rainbows. 

Wayward Lane Farm CSA Share

June 17th, 2013 , Posted in Farm, Wayward Lane Farm

We’re on week 4 of our CSA shares. This is our second year offering farm shares and it’s such a great way for people to get fresh produce weekly and for us to sell the vegetables we work like crazy to grow.

The growing conditions this year are completely opposite of last year’s. We were entering a severe drought last year and this year we’ve quite a bit of rain…almost the perfect amount. Most vegetables like about 1 inch per week and we’ve had that nearly all spring. The spring vegetables that withered in the heat last year are flourishing this year. Of course last season was a bumper crop for tomatoes, peppers, okra so who knows how those will do this year. Each year of farming is never the same and always keeps us on our toes!


Indiana Wheat Fields

June 7th, 2012 , Posted in Bella, Farm, my family, Personal

One of my favorite parts of living in midwest farm country is the beautiful winter wheat fields. I love how they are the first fields to turn green before spring really even arrives. And that golden glow in June-as a photographer and a country girl I can’t ever resist it. I’ve pulled over many times while driving back country roads so that I can get a good photograph of those beautiful fields. One of the first of my signature field photos was taken years ago when we were driving home from my parents house and passed this amazing wheat field just glowing in the sunset. We pulled over and piled out of the car and I captured this photograph of my boys. I guess you could say this is when my love affair with photographing sessions in fields began.

All of the fields around us are getting close to harvest time so I had to take the opportunity to do some shoots before all the wheat is gone for this year.

First is up is a mini session with Bella, but there is more to come!

If you want to book a wheat field photoshoot, please contact me ASAP-the fields will likely be gone within 5-10 days.

happy skies

March 13th, 2012 , Posted in Bella, Farm, Personal

I wonder how many of my post titles have the word “sky” in them? I can’t help it, the two things that I am most inspired to photograph are my children and beautiful skies. 

An April (oops, I mean February) morning.

February 1st, 2012 , Posted in Farm, Indianapolis Baby Photographer, Indianapolis Children's Photographer, Indianapolis Photographer, Lilly, Personal

As I got Bella off on the bus this morning I couldn’t help but leave the front door open and let little Miss Lilly come on out and enjoy the absolutely amazing weather. It’s so hard to believe this is really winter with gorgeous weather like this! And the forecast is calling for above average highs 10 days out! What a winter this has been. Although I’m not complaining.

Lilly normally isn’t this dressed up this early in the morning, but she saw Bella putting on a twirly skirt and starting saying “kirt, kirt!!” She had to be like her big sister. And when Bella put her shoes on Lilly went running to find her own shoes. I can foresee that Bella is going to have quite the little shadow over the next few years.

She seems confused as to why I left the door open, lol.

It was so foggy this morning, but as soon as we went outside it started clearing and was gone within 15 minutes.

Watching all the birds flying around.

Silly little cutie.

The last of the fog fading away.

*All photos were edited with my Color Workflow action (opacity turned down) and with the Lilly action set.

What a difference a year makes

November 14th, 2011 , Posted in Farm, Personal

One year ago nearly to the day we moved to our new home. Some of our family wasn’t thrilled that we moved so far away from our cute little suburban home and I admit it was a hard decision for us to make. But we had a goal in mind for our children, our family. We wanted to raise our kids in the country, to teach them that there was more to life then video games and the latest, greatest gadget. We wanted to raise them knowing that good things come to those who work for it, that there is pleasure in the peaceful moments and  joy in the simple things.

More has changed in this last year then I could have imagined. We planned on having a large garden and raising a few chickens. What we didn’t really plan out is the direction our lives would go given this land we now live on. About 7-8 years ago I raised a flock of chickens for eggs and started researching and learning about sustainable living. However on our 3/4 acre lot surrounded by growing neighborhoods, my dream felt out of reach. When we moved here 10 acres seemed like Eden-it almost felt like too much land-what would we do with it all? My how things have changed. I’m now itching to buy more land or rent some nearby!

As we learn more and more about the way our food is supplied here in America, we wanted to get away from buying most of it at grocery stores. We grew a garden (another post on that in the next few days) that supplied us with much of our food this summer and is still feeding us now. We now have about 10 mature laying hens and another 20 pullets who should lay soon. We are about 2 weeks away from processing our first batch of meat chickens (we still have a few left for sale). We have a small flock of heritage breed turkeys-most of which are destined for the freezer and a few of which we’ll keep to produce next year’s flock. Since we weren’t quite ready to grow larger animals for meat, we bought a side of beef and a whole pig for our freezer. Next year we hope to raise some pigs ourselves. We plan on bringing a dairy cow into the mix to supply ourselves with fresh milk and to make cheese and butter. If I’m able to buy more land someday we’ll raise grass fed beef, but for now our 5 acre pasture can’t support them.

Our kids have learned to care for the land and the animals. We have a strict no electronic rule during the week and 45 minutes of game time per child on the weekends. We do often have movie night  with the kids on Fridays.  Christian has had time to pursue his love for cooking and tends to make delicious desserts for the family when he gets bored. Garrett likes caring for the chickens. He’s still a kid and sometimes balks at going out to do the chores, but once out there he gets lost in watching them and we don’t see him for 45 minutes.

It’s been a learning experience and many things have gone according to plan and some have not. Next year we plan to expand what we’ve done and offer locally grown, naturally raised meat (this means no GMO’s, antibiotics or hormones and and it means letting the animals free range and feed on forage) as well as possibly some vegetables. With 4 kids in tow things may grow slowly, but we have some big dreams for this place.