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Happy Holiday Sale

December 5th, 2012 , Posted in Indianapolis Photographer, MiaBella Phtoshop Products

Please visit MiaBella Actions to view all of our products that are on sale.

And another of my little lady.

New Sweet Harmony Actions

October 2nd, 2012 , Posted in MiaBella Phtoshop Products, News

I’m thrilled to announce a brand new set of Photoshop Actions, Sweet Harmony. Visit for more details.

Please stop by the facebook fanpage for discount codes.

2012 Workshops

April 25th, 2012 , Posted in MiaBella Phtoshop Products, Photography Workshops



Arte Bella

An artistic workshop for beginners


The Arte Bella workshop is specifically designed to teach those who are pursuing the art of beautiful portrait photography. Focusing as much on the technical aspects of shooting in manual as the art of creating a visually striking portrait, this class is for the beginner and intermediate photographer wishing to develop their skills.

The Arte Bella class is an intense course with the goal of giving you the information you need to become a confident photographer. Whether your desire is to be a hobbyist photographer, to better photograph your own children or to start your own business, this class will give you the skills you need to create beautiful photographic art. While this is not a business course, there will be brief discussions on starting your own portrait business and how to compete fairly and ethically.

Please visit this link for more details. ArteBella Workshop.

MiaBella Boutique – New Products and Sale

February 20th, 2012 , Posted in MiaBella Phtoshop Products, News

I’ve been working away creating some new papers and templates that I think all you photographers out there will love. We plan on adding them to the MiaBella Boutique Store tomorrow evening along with one of our sales!

The best way to find out about our sales is to subscribe to the newsletter. You can find the link on the MiaBella facebook page underneath the profile picture.

Here are the discount codes for our SPRING SALE.

We’ll be giving away 4 sets of actions-use code springtime2012

The percentage off codes may be used on any size purchase.
4 orders may be placed at 50% off. Use code 50springtime2012
20 orders may be placed at 30% off. Use code 30springtime2012
40 orders may be placed at 25% off. Use code 25springtime2012
50 orders may be placed at 20% off. Use code 20springtime2012
55 orders may be placed at 15% off. Use code 15springtime2012

Chore Chart Share

August 25th, 2011 , Posted in MiaBella Phtoshop Products, my family, Personal

Over the summer I made a chart to help the kids remember what they needed to do to help around the house. Damian and I feel that along with free playtime, it’s very important that our kids learn to be a contributing member of the family. Whether that means simply helping me sort laundry or cleaning up after dinner or caring for the animals, we want them to help out. We also want them to know what is means to work hard and to appreciate their ability to accomplish tasks.

The chores on this chart are ones that (for the most part) I expect them to do daily during the summer. During the school year I ask them to do less because I do want them to have time to just be kids. We also assign larger chores about once a week such as clearing out dead plants in the garden, cleaning the van inside and out, cleaning out the stalls and so on. We typically pay them for these larger chores instead of giving them an allowance.

I had trouble finding an chart that I liked so I thought I would share the one I made here. I have boxes beside each chore that we fill in with a dry erase marker every week. Each child has a color; for example Garrett is blue, Chris is green and Bella is red. At first I let them pick chores, but after a while (and some arguing about who got which chore) figured out that it was better if I just assign them weekly and try to mix it up. It worked great this summer and for the school year I plan on just assigning 1-2 easy chores per day. The extras will just stay blank and Damian and I will pick up the slack. Although having the kids gone all day makes for less mess.

I had my chart printed as a 12×18 dry erase board at a professional photo lab. For those of you who aren’t photographers, I’m certain there are plenty of other places that will print a dry erase board as well.

I hope you like it!

Download Link

Please note that the file is a layered file (so you can change the chores) and you will need Photoshop to edit it.

The chart is free, but I would love a comment to hear how you handle chores at your house.

For Photographers – Lilly Actions

March 24th, 2011 , Posted in Indianapolis Baby Photographer, MiaBella Phtoshop Products

After months of perfecting I’m so happy to say that my newest set of Photoshop actions, the Lilly Set, is done! I’ll be releasing them within the next 24 hours. If you want to be the first to snag the set and hear about any discounts, please sign up for our newsletter below or like the MiaBella Fanpage.



Here’s my littlest cowgirl. Photo edited with Hushabye from the new Lilly Set.


Free MiaBella Template

February 22nd, 2011 , Posted in MiaBella Phtoshop Products

I just added this free scalloped card template to my MiaBella Boutique’s fanpage on Facebook. All you have to do to get your copy is click on the link below and follow the instructions. I hope you enjoy the template!

All of the text is editable…I just showed the card being used as a Spring Fling invitation. 🙂

Photographers-would you like a chance to win Whimsy?

February 10th, 2011 , Posted in MiaBella Phtoshop Products

Like my MiaBella Boutique fanpage on facebook and when you comment on and share the Whimsy Album photo, you’ll be entered to win your own copy of the template. This is an 80.00 value and has been our most popular album yet. Get yours free!

Workshop Openings and Some BIG news

January 20th, 2010 , Posted in Indianapolis Children's Photographer, Indianapolis Photographer, MiaBella Phtoshop Products, News, Photography Workshops

I’m so excited to be heading out to San Luis Obispo, CA in just a few weeks to teach a workshop with Joy Vertz and a guest appearance from a dear friend of mine, Amanda Elkins.

Joy is going to be teaching you how to take your business to a whole new level of success and profitability. Which we all know is a huge issue in this economy. I’ve known Joy for years through the photography community and had the opportunity to meet with her last year when she helped me develop an incredible plan of action to take my business to the next level.  If you want to learn how to market more efficiently, increase your bottom line and stay on top in this competitive market, Joy is your lady.

While Joy covers the business side of running a photography business, I’ll be teaching you how to capture your subjects in a natural and creative manner. All the while using the gorgeous available light that I so adore working with. You’ll learn how to develop connections with the children you photograph so that your portraits show their true spirit. I’ll also talk about and demonstrate how I choose the locations that have become a signature look in my portfolio. I’ll be talking about creativity and composition, utilizing available light, gentle posing, the importance of client clothing and styling and much more. Not to mention we’ll be heading out into that stunning California countryside for some fun shoots.

I’ll also be teaching a class covering the basics of off camera flash and how to use this exciting style of photography in your work. My dear friend, the amazingly talented Amanda Elkins will be working with me at this class posing and prepping our beautiful teen models. Amanda has worked as a model herself and has a knack for posing and photographing teen models that an inspiration to many photographers. So come prepared to learn a lot about off camera flash and how to work with your teen clients.

We do still have a few openings for this February 5-7 workshop and if you’re interested, check out the information on my website.  Contact me for details on a discount.

And since a post isn’t a post without an image of course I have to include one of my favorite subjects, my children.

Which brings me to my big news….we’re having another baby! We’ll be welcoming another sweet Profancik into the world this summer (due date is August 1).  So if it seems like I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit it’s because the morning sickness wiped me off the map for a couple of months. But thankfully I’m feeling good again and ready to get back into the swing of things until this little one arrives.

Our posse of 3-about to be 4. 🙂


Summer Sale for Photographers

June 24th, 2009 , Posted in Indianapolis Photographer, MiaBella Phtoshop Products, News, Photography Workshops

This sale will be for a limited time only so don’t miss your chance to snag one of our products free of charge or at a discounted price.You will be able to use the 25% and lower codes on a workshop seat or a mentorship so check out the dates at to see if one works for your schedule.
You may purchase a mentorship program at anytime, and then call or email to schedule your dates. I do still have a few openings for 2009 (June, late August, September, October dates are available) and then I will begin booking 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: The higher discounts do tend to go very quickly-within minutes. If you add an item to your cart, but do not complete the payment, the discount can still be used by another buyer. No discount is final until your order is submitted and the payment process is complete.***

No additional discounts will be issued once the codes are used up.

We’re giving away 4 sets of actions, plus discounts of all sizes. But you’ll have to move quickly before the discount codes are used up. Here’s the breakdown on the limited number of discounts we’re releasing and the corresponding codes. But don’t wait, there are a set number of orders per discount. Once they’re gone at a certain price, that discount can’t be used anymore. If one code doesn’t work, please try the next one.
Vist to purchase.

The free codes may be used on ONE set only.
We’ll be giving away 4 sets of actions. Code is 2009junefree

The percentage off codes may be used on any size purchase.
4 orders may be placed at 50% off. Code is 2009june50
20 orders may be placed at 30% off. Code is 2009june30
40 orders may be placed at 25% off. Code is 2009june25
50 orders may be placed at 20% off. Code is 2009june20
55 orders may be placed at 15% off. Code is 2009june15

Don’t wait, these prices are first come first serve!!!


All of the images below were edited with my new action set, Summer Skies.











 New Albums