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July 2013

January 24th, 2014 , Posted in Farm, my family, Personal

July was a flurry of birthdays, endless days full of weeding and harvesting for our farm customers, canning and preserving food, starting fall seedlings. Work from sunup to sundown meant that most of my photos were captured on my phone. If you want to see more, find me on Instagram at

This will suffice for July…a rare moment of peace and quiet in an incredibly busy month.


June 2013

January 24th, 2014 , Posted in Bella, Lilly, my family, Personal

Bella turned 8…and all of a sudden started looking so much older. I tell her what my dad always told me….she will always, always be my little girl no matter how big she gets.

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These 2 photos were taken 5 years apart.


Silly Lilly trying out goggles.


Fun at my parents house with cousins.

IC0A9984 copyweb

I got a brand new nephew!

IC0A0094 copyweb

He’s pretty adorable!

Wayward Lane Farm – June 2013

January 23rd, 2014 , Posted in Farm, Personal

June is an incredibly busy month! Babies being born on the farm, kids birthdays, vegetable fields exploding, everything is busy and alive.


Moon setting in the west while the sunrise below happens in the east.IC0A0132web IC0A0137web

Cow licking a cow licking a dog next to a sleeping dog. IC0A0182web

Pigs are so curious!IC0A0189web

Our new goats.

IC0A0195web IC0A0200 copyweb IMG_8582web

Jersey baby trying to stand moments after being born.


He did it!


And mama nearly knocking him over with her cleaning.


January 22nd, 2014 , Posted in Bella, Farm, Lilly, my family, Personal

From May 2013


We spent a lot of time out on the back patio playing in buckets of water.


Sugar got HUGE.


Dandelions like never before!


She loves helping with the eggs…even though she cracks half and can’t always carry the basket. 


My little farm girl.



Again with the insane dandelions!

IMG_8532web IMG_8543web

Bella proving that she IS NOT a morning person.


Pretty typical attire for Lilly. 🙂


One of the many rainbows we are always so blessed to see out here.  Seems we’ve spent a lot of time the last 2 years sitting out here praying for rain and watching rainbows. 


January 21st, 2014 , Posted in Indianapolis Children's Photographer, Lilly, Personal

Still going through photos from 2013…I’m only in April so this may take forever. 

Here’s my little Lilly. Bella was a busy little spitfire this spring and wasn’t much for photo shoots, but Lilly was happy to oblige.

My favorites are the ones of her in the dandelions and apple blossoms…they just breathe “springtime” to me.  

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January 16th, 2014 , Posted in Bella, Personal

Spending a few days not doing much and so I have a little time to go back over the photographs I’ve accumulated over the last year.

My not so little Bella from this spring.

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