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For Photographers – Lilly Actions

March 24th, 2011 , Posted in Indianapolis Baby Photographer, MiaBella Phtoshop Products

After months of perfecting I’m so happy to say that my newest set of Photoshop actions, the Lilly Set, is done! I’ll be releasing them within the next 24 hours. If you want to be the first to snag the set and hear about any discounts, please sign up for our newsletter below or like the MiaBella Fanpage.



Here’s my littlest cowgirl. Photo edited with Hushabye from the new Lilly Set.


My sweet nephew – Indianapolis Baby Photographer

March 15th, 2011 , Posted in Lilly, my family, Personal

My sister brought C. over for his 6 month photos and this was one of my favorites. C is the smiliest, sweetest, drooliest little man and I love it when I get to see him. It’s been so fun having a baby nearly the same age as my sister’s little guy -Lilly and C. were both born EXACTLY one month apart. And both came a little before their due dates too. Very ironic.

We love to just sit them in front of each other and watch what they decide to do. Yes, we’re easily entertained by our beautiful children. 😉

“Uh…Mama, could you please wipe his face before he gets drool on me?”

Staring contest

“Aunt, Sarah, you saw that right?! He took my toy!

“That’s right, I took it. Whacha gonna do about it?”

“Haha…I’ll just snatch it back!”

“Who cares? I have  a perfectly delicious hand to chew one.”