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Ch ch ch changes…

July 21st, 2010 , Posted in Uncategorized

Well, our new baby girl should be here within the next couple of days. We were hoping for a completely natural birth, no meds of any sort and for the baby to decide to come when she wanted. However things don’t always go as planned. I have quite a bit more amniotic fluid then they consider normal and she’s not wanting to stay head down. I’ve had a few ultrasounds and they can’t find any serious reasons why I might have extra fluid and are chalking it up to a “who knows” cause.  She seems happy, healthy and very active (I foresee another busy little girl living in our house soon :). So all is good. But since she loves to flip sideways, breech, halfway head down-all in the course of one day, they are worried about cord prolapse should my water break. And the chance of my water breaking is higher then usual due to the excess fluid. So, I’ve agreed to be induced this Thursday at 8:30 am after we try some things to get her head down. After loosing a baby girl at this exact stage of pregnancy before we had Bella, it’s already hard stay calm. As much as I wanted the natural birth, I want this baby in my arms safe and sound. I’ll be nearly 39 weeks so she’s good good to go.

So, most likely sometime Thursday or early Friday we’ll be holding her! I would love your prayers and thoughts for an easy labor and delivery and healthy little girl.

And just as a heads up, this blog will likely be used a little differently over the next few months. I’ll be taking time off of work and while I’ll still take some sessions, the majority of my time is going to be spent with my kids over the next few months. As much as I adore my clients and adore photographing all the beautiful children I am blessed to meet, I am looking forward to this time with my own children. So the blog may become more of a place for my kid’s photos, my ramblings about our lives and such. I guess that’s where it all started and will be fun to do the same again. Oh and did I mention our house is for sale and we’re in the process of house hunting? I’m sure there will be posts on that too. So lots of changes ahead!