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Obsessed with magazines?

November 6th, 2009 , Posted in News

Who me? No! Hehe…anyone who knows me knows that I adore my magazines. And how can you not love them? When that shiny new issue arrives in the mail, it’s like Christmas! I save each issue for just the right moment.  I make a cup of hot apple cider (if it’s cold out) or a cold iced tea (in the summertime) and I curl up in my bed or my hammock and pour over every article and every photograph. I fold the corners of the pages I want to remember, gathering inspiration for my home, ideas for photographs I want to create or a plant I want to grow next summer. I nod when I read an article about raising children and feel connected to all the other mom’s out there who are experiencing the same things I am. I drool over the gorgeous clothes that I want to buy and quickly turn the page before I get myself in trouble. And then I save them for another round or two or three of heaven. My favorite issues hang around for a few years and the others get weeded through once every year or so. Then the kids (or my sister) grab some of the issues destined for donation and they draw funny bearded faces on the women or they cut them up and make ridiculous collages just like I did when I was little.

Sigh…can you tell I have quite a love for magazines? If you do too, head over to Amazon where they are on sale during the month of November. I grabbed a few subscriptions for just 5.00 for a year!