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What to Wear Wednesday – Indianapolis Photographer

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Greys are in this fall so I’ve put together some outfits that would work wonderfully for a family session this autumn. Enjoy!



Bento Box Lunch – indianapolis mom ;)

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I’ve always loved good food and by good I don’t just mean how it tastes. I love to buy locally grown, organic food that I feel great about feeding to my family. Ever since we moved out to the country I’ve had a big vegetable garden in the backyard (can’t say it’s always been 100% weed free, hehe) and I love growing my own food. There’s something that’s so deeply satisfying about walking out your back door, picking veggies that you planted and preparing them for dinner. We even tried our hand at raising chickens one year (and loved it) but found out our fence wasn’t quite high enough to keep them in, so they went to live at farm not too far from us. Chickens will be living on our property again when I can convince Damian to build the perfect yard and henhouse for them. In all his spare time, haha. I have books on sustainable living, books on raising poultry, books on heritage breeds of livestock, books on organic gardening and a whole folder of bookmarked articles online. Some of it just doesn’t work with where and how we live, but it’s still so interesting to me. I even loved it as a kid and wanted to grow and sell vegetables at the farmer’s market in greenfield. Somehow that dream never came to fruition, but who knows, maybe someday. đŸ˜‰

Okay, returning from my tangent…so one of my goals for this school year was to make the kid’s lunches. Yeah, can you believe that after reading all those books, I still let them eat a school lunch?! I know. But no more. I’m packing their lunches this year and we’re all loving it. The kids love seeing what I put in their boxes and I love coming up with creative lunches that I know they will relish. And to top it off, they are so pretty! Of course this means that I have to photograph their lunch because I just can’t resist prettiness. So enjoy their bento box (or laptop lunch) for today.

bento box lunch

 Homemade pizza crust (with a little wheat flour sneaked in), organic pizza sauce, organic mozzerella cheese, homemade fruit salad from organic fruits, and not organic (GASP) chocolate and fortune cookie.

In their thermoses that I forgot to include they had Traders Point Creamery chocolate milk mixed with organic 2% milk.

pretty please?

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If you have a few seconds to spare, I’d love to have your vote on the Indy AList! Just one more day to vote!


Queen Anne’s Lace season is here – indianapolis and greenfield photographer

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I love Queen Anne’s Lace and it’s nearing it’s peak here in Indiana. It’s such a sweet, simple yet beautiful flower and I love photographing little girls in it. We have a couple more weeks before blooms fade with the end of summer, so if you would like a shoot in Queen Anne’s Lace for your daughter contact me right away. I still have a few opening in the next 2 weeks.





What to Wear Wednesday – Indianapolis Photographer

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You can find all the items at Crewcuts