Being Mom

As much as I love my job as a photographer, I have to say my favorite job of all is being Mom. I love pulling into my driveway after a day at the studio, knowing my kiddos are waiting for me. Everytime I open that door, I hear squeals (usually from the kitchen) of “Mommy’s home!!!” and they come running. There’s nothing like having those little arms wrapped around me at the end of the day and being smothered in kisses. Damian and I both have hectic schedules so it’s wonderful when we have the chance to just sit and enjoy our family.

The evenings we’ve had together lately have been so nice. Chris just cuddling with me on the couch and telling me about his trip to the park and the trails he went on and how he liked his hair long and about the HUGE goose feather that he found and his Indiana Jones birthday party that he wants. And Bella…at bedtime I climbed into her bed with her for a bit and she just patted my face with her soft little baby girl hands and said…”I love you, Momma”. Lighting sparklers with Garrett and watching how thrilled he was that he got do something so special. Playing hide and seek in the backyard with my kids and hearing them giggle when I walk by their “most awesomest hiding place”. Catching fireflies in a pickle jar with holes poked in the lid (just like I did when I was little). Running out with them almost every day to check on the blackberry bush-“cause they might be ripe today”! Even though the blackberries around here almost never have a chance to ripen before they’re eaten. Sitting on the front porch watching Garrett’s incredible feats on his bike or scooter while the sun sets and enjoying a quiet evening with Damian and the kids. I just love these quiet summer evenings when we are able to spend time together. We’re so blessed that God gave us these precious children. These are the moments, the images in my mind and on my camera, that I want to remember forever.






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  1. Says:

    so sweet leah. thanks for sharing!

  2. Heather Says:

    That is truly what it is all about! I think all of us forget sometimes, and it really pays to slow down and look at these awesome kids we have and really appreciate who they are and how they make our lives soooo much richer :). TFS your wonderful thoughts — love the images — wow that Bella & Daddy pic is truly one to cherish!

  3. Lisa Kelly Says:

    I am such a fan of your amazing photography, even your snapshots of your family are outstanding. The shot of dad with your daughter, well you will never take a more moving photo than that I am sure. But even more than that, I am now a fan of your ‘mommyhood’. The way you just spoke about your family wants me to beg you to adopt me and I’m 37 LOL. Seriously what an inspiration those words were to me today, being that here in Australia we are in the middle of winter, it gets dark early and we aren’t on holidays and life is feeling a little dreary and dull. Thank you.

  4. corey civetta Says:

    You have three beautiful children, Leah!

  5. Addie Says:

    so, so sweet! you should win your own contest…. :)

  6. Jennifer Says:

    awww, so personal and touching and beautiful, Im in tears, I completely agree! We have such precious beautiful children and we should thank God every day for them!

  7. allie Says:

    oh my goodness, these are all so beautiful and beyond special….. your daughter sucking her thumb lounging on daddy’s lap though….. it brings tears to my eyes.
    amazing, amazing.

  8. Kimberly Says:

    Oh Leah, I can so relate! Don’t us moms have the best jobs in the world, you know aside from that whole photographer thing? :)
    Your kids are beautiful!

  9. Betty Gray Says:

    Wow! That last image is awesome. Love the moment you captured.

  10. CarmenM Says:

    You son is so striking! Love the porcupine shirt. Great post :)

  11. Wanda Stine Says:

    I really love this photo……it is one of those moments that if “mom” is able to capture–even if its only with here eye’s, and not a camera, she will not soon forget. What a sweet blessing….absolutely beautiful.

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