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We have a winner!

July 30th, 2008 , Posted in Uncategorized

Handsome little Simon is our first place winner!!! Congratulations to his family! Please contact me when you can and we’ll get your session all set up. I’m so excited you meet you!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated and voted.

We also have a second place winner, the adorable Corban!!!

And a third place winner, sweet little Hope!!! Congratulations!

And to everyone who participated, watch your emails early next week…you will be getting something too. 🙂

The Summer Contest is closed

July 22nd, 2008 , Posted in Uncategorized

Thank you everyone who participated! Now it’s time for the voting to begin! Please refer to this blog entry for a list of all the contest entries.

Please, only one vote per household, multiple votes will be blocked. There will be second and third place winners as well. The poll will close on JULY 26th, 2008, so don’t wait too long ;-).

Super Summer Sale and New Urban Rock Actions

July 14th, 2008 , Posted in Action, MiaBella Phtoshop Products, News


The heat is here and so is our Super Summer Sale!
We’re giving away 4 sets of actions, plus discounts of all sizes. But you’ll have to move quickly before the discount codes are used up. Here’s the breakdown on the limited number of discounts we’re releasing and the corresponding codes;


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Once the codes are used up, that discount is gone!

Checkout Cart is located at

PLUS…I’m happy to announce that we have a hot new action Set…URBAN ROCK.

The new action set includes my new Soft Pop action that I’ve been using a lot lately. It’s a color pop action that also includes a skin softening layer and is quick and easy to use. Also included in the set are 4 Urban style Cross Processing actions, 2 filter type actions, a brightening action to save those underexposed images, plus one of my faves-the Bass action. The Bass adds gorgeous rich tones to your image and is great for all types of settings-urban or natural. Plus you get several other actions as well.
All of the images below were edited with the Urban Rock Set.

You can see more examples on my Actions Site…






Final Contest Entries

July 14th, 2008 , Posted in contest

Entry 13
This is Corban playing in the leaves this past fall. He is a happy little guy! He is Two in this picture.

Entry 12
Giavanna and I love getting ice cream together in the summertime. When this picture was taken, she thought that it was so funny that ice cream had dripped on her sho


Entry 11
This is my youngest son Reid. He’s not quite a year old and just learning to walk. His favorite thing to do this summer is go outside and play with a ball. (preferably his Spongebob ball because it’s bright yellow…his favorite color!)


Entry 10
Here is a picture of my daughter, Maddie. She loves doing ANYTHING outside and loves the camera. I can’t usually get her to quit “posing” long enough to get anything that isn’t completely silly…at 7 she is already a camera girl. She is actually a little frustrated because I just begged her to not pose and just let me take what I want to take. I think she is beautiful in this one.


Entry 9
This is Nora, enjoying her favorite summer activity: catching frogs on our summer vacation to Wisconsin. The lake we visit in Wisconsin has the most adorable teeny tiny frogs that swim close to shore, and both of my kids spend all day wading in the cool water with buckets, catching frogs, setting them free, and catching them again.


Entry 8
Leah, here are my 2 little munchkins lovin’ the outdoors in 2 very
different ways. Reece on the left says his favorite thing about
summer is ” going to the mountains to explore and s’mores of course!”
And little Cache on the right says ” Otter pops!!!!” Very
emphatically, I might add.


Entry 7
My daughter was having fun on our deck trying to catch and blow bubbles.


Entry 6
Simon’s Mom is a photographer from out of state. 😉

This is Simon (5 months old) on his first trip back to the farm where his dad was raised. We live in the city but Simon seemed to adjust to the county life right away. I am just guessing but I would wager that his favorite thing about summer would be visiting his grandparents and all the extra attention and cuddling he received.


Entry 5
I have a lot of photo’s of all my children. I have really cute one’s of Maggie all dressed up in her cute MJC but… heart kept telling me this is so her. She LOVES nature in every sense of it. This picture is of her at my brother and sister-in-law’s farm with the their barn cat “catdog”. She usually has a chicken tucked under each arm there. She loves this old cat. This is her in all of her glory.


Entry 4
This little girl sounds just like me when I was younger…I loved nothing more then to be playing outside and exploring nature. Shealyn’s mom writes;
“Shealyn is a lover of the outdoors, whether she’s picking up slimy worms; spreading her little fingers through the loose dirt; telling me how many ants are trying to open the peony flowers or just skipping around, she’d happily stay outside ALL day, any day.”

Thank you for sending the photo in for the contest!


Entry 3
Chloe’s mom writes; “Here is Miss Chloe enjoying her new sand pail set at “the beach”. Chloe loves the beach and has insisted that she can drive her friends there in her Barbie Jeep.”

She’s adorable, Angie! Thank you for sending in such a cute photo.


Entry 2
Check out these adorable little piggie-tails. How cute! “Little Marlee loves to have fun in the summer jumping on trampoline.”


Entry 1 is a picture of my daughter Hope, she will be 5 end of this month. Last Saturday I took her to the local Park where she loves to run and pretent to be a Fairy. She loves to dress up in her Tutu-dress and just run though the grass……I thought I would enter this in your Contest.



Being Mom

July 2nd, 2008 , Posted in Personal

As much as I love my job as a photographer, I have to say my favorite job of all is being Mom. I love pulling into my driveway after a day at the studio, knowing my kiddos are waiting for me. Everytime I open that door, I hear squeals (usually from the kitchen) of “Mommy’s home!!!” and they come running. There’s nothing like having those little arms wrapped around me at the end of the day and being smothered in kisses. Damian and I both have hectic schedules so it’s wonderful when we have the chance to just sit and enjoy our family.

The evenings we’ve had together lately have been so nice. Chris just cuddling with me on the couch and telling me about his trip to the park and the trails he went on and how he liked his hair long and about the HUGE goose feather that he found and his Indiana Jones birthday party that he wants. And Bella…at bedtime I climbed into her bed with her for a bit and she just patted my face with her soft little baby girl hands and said…”I love you, Momma”. Lighting sparklers with Garrett and watching how thrilled he was that he got do something so special. Playing hide and seek in the backyard with my kids and hearing them giggle when I walk by their “most awesomest hiding place”. Catching fireflies in a pickle jar with holes poked in the lid (just like I did when I was little). Running out with them almost every day to check on the blackberry bush-“cause they might be ripe today”! Even though the blackberries around here almost never have a chance to ripen before they’re eaten. Sitting on the front porch watching Garrett’s incredible feats on his bike or scooter while the sun sets and enjoying a quiet evening with Damian and the kids. I just love these quiet summer evenings when we are able to spend time together. We’re so blessed that God gave us these precious children. These are the moments, the images in my mind and on my camera, that I want to remember forever.