she loves time outs

Sometimes I think I have the funniest little girl ever! A couple weeks ago she was getting a little cranky-just whining and getting close to a throwing a tantrum. So…I asked her if she needed a time out so she could adjust her attitude, not really expecting to get an answer other then some more whining. Well, she told me yes! I wasn’t sure I heard her right so I asked again and she said yes, she needed a time out. LOL! So she sat on the chair for minute and when she got up she was happy as a lark.

Well, yesterday we repeated this, except this time when I asked her she said yes and ran smiling to the time out chair! Silly little goose. My daughter loves time outs, lol! She sits there for a minute, just talking about her babies or singing or just sucking her thumb. It cracks me up! And you would think the time outs wouldn’t work since she likes them so much, but nope. She gets up off that chair with a smile and goes about her business with the happiest little attitude. Am I lucky or what?!

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  1. Donna Boucher Says:

    I just looked at your workflow actions and I love them!!!!

    If I can get my hands on PS3 (and it’s a real possibility) I will be buying these!!!

    They are just what I have been looking for!

    Well done!

  2. Shawn Says:

    I stumbled on your blog through Brenda’s suggestion and just had to say how amazing your photos are. Definitely adding your actions to my wishlist and your blog to my bloglines. Gorgeous work!

  3. Angie Penrose Says:

    That awesome! 🙂 Another amazing photo!

  4. kaitlin Says:

    What an expression! You *are* lucky. I’ll just take her home with me now…

  5. Brandon Price Says:

    I am so excited you’ve made one of your “secrets” available. As soon as I buy CS2 I will definitely be getting a hold of these!

    Adorable picture, by the way. And my goodness! What a blessing for your child to actually understand the added benefits of timeout!

  6. Says:

    all of your redesign and photos are looking great! you have such great talent. good job!

  7. Amanda K Says:

    Ohhhh how unfair that you are so lucky LOL. Can she come and teach my 5 year old how to behave? 😉

  8. amie Says:

    totally jealous…my daughter screams and kicks for time outs!

  9. Toni Says:

    that is so funny! I love the polaroid look too… yet another great photo from you!

  10. Amy (3 Peas) Says:

    TOO Funny!!!!!
    GORGEOUS photo!

  11. Nadia Says:

    Oh that is funny. I love this shot and her expression is priceless!

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