and they’re back!

to school that is. I can’t believe how different (read-easy!) life is now. Ok…so I love my boys to death and they are sooo fun! I guess I just didn’t realize how busy they keep me during the day. This is the first year that they have both been in school all day and the difference around here is amazing! I can actually sweep the kitchen without having my pile spread all over by 2 little boys accidentally running through it. I can take a shower without having the boys knocking on the door 25 times while I’m in there! Bella still takes naps so I have time for JUST me!!! I can think again, lol.

I do miss watching the boys play their crazy games outside. I actually miss the million questions that Christian asks me about EVERYTHING. I miss watching Garrett make his artwork. I miss hearing them laugh all day.

But it’s all good. And wow…can I get a lot done now! I just can’t get over that.

Here’s a quick snap of them from yesterday just before they headed off to school.

2 Responses to “ and they’re back! ”

  1. Amy (3 Peas) Says:

    What a handsome duo! 🙂 How great that they get along so well 🙂

  2. rik Says:

    man, they are some handsome little guys! congrats on getting some time for yourself! i know my wife looks forward to that time when both our kids are in school too. =]

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