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micah + christine

July 30th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

I had so much fun with these guys last week! We met at the canal downtown for their engagement session. Micah and Christine came here on one of their very first dates so it was a great place for us do their session. We had a blast getting these shots and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!


funny poses



I love Christine’s ring!





her hero!



We saw this sprite truck pull up just as we were leaving a location and I had to grab this shot.


I love the bird “on her head” here, lol!






summertime quiet

July 20th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

naptime in the sun, originally uploaded by ~LeahP~.

Life has been really wild lately. We have so much going on that there hasn’t really been any down time lately. We’ve been working long hours and running around trying to keep up with everything we need to do. So, here’s a quiet moment courtesy of my little daughter. Just a reminder to take a minute and enjoy the summer. Love ya all!

being a boy

July 7th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

Just my little (not so little) boy enjoying a summer evening.


July 6th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

Garrett and his beloved “dirt bike” flying down the hill outside our home. He loves dragging this bike up that hill, then just flying down as fast and as far as he can go.

Last night, after a looonng day of shopping I really missed my kiddos. Bella was already asleep, D was working late and so the boys and I went outside and had fun for a couple of hours. Little boys are so fun. I don’t know where on earth they get the limitless energy. Seriously-they must have run up and down that hill 25 times! And then insisted that they weren’t tired when it was time to go in, lol. After which, Garrett fell asleep watching the Discovery channel while waiting for Chris to get done brushing his teeth. 😉

blue skies, bella and matilda jane

July 4th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

blue skies, originally uploaded by ~LeahP~.

This is my new favorite brand for Bella…Matilda Jane. I’m always on the lookout for unique clothing for my kids and this brand certainly fits the bill. I love all the colors and patterns she uses! They’re inbetween seasons right now, but if you go to Denise’s blog you’ll a link to see the fall season preview. And moms-she sells super stylish clothing for us too!
Check out Matilda Jane, you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Independence Day

July 4th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

bella in the wheat, originally uploaded by ~LeahP~.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday celebrating our country! I’m enjoying a peaceful morning (someone remind me to get up at dawn more often!), the kids and D are still sleeping and I’m enjoying a quiet breakfast and coffee while browsing my favorite blogs and photographers.
I love living where I live.

summer sun

July 3rd, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

summer sun, originally uploaded by ~LeahP~.

I just love when the wheat is ready for harvest. It just seems to make everything glow with this gorgeous golden light at sunset. This is my favorite wheat field and we alway pass it on the way home from my parent’s house.