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Happy Birthday Bella!

June 28th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

From this little baby one year ago….

to this little girl who amazes us everyday.

We love you baby girl! Happy Birthday!

June 27th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

L E "punk rock teeth" (A) H

Saw this on Amelia’s blog and I had to try it!


June 19th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

dream, originally uploaded by ~LeahP~.

I can’t believe she’ll be 2 in in just over a week. Time has just flown by since our little Bella was born….I wish I could somehow slow things down and let her be little just a bit longer.


June 17th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized
When I dressed her in this outfit it just reminded me so much of the colors of sherbet that it inspired a mini session, lol. This was one time that she didn’t mind me pulling out the camera, nothing like a big bowl of sherbet to make her happy!

sherbet, originally uploaded by ~LeahP~.

We have new ART!!!!

June 14th, 2007 , Posted in Uncategorized

You have to check this out! A couple of months ago I stumbled upon Erika Jones’ artwork on Flickr and was immediately in love. Her work is bright, whimsical, happy and just simply amazing!

Well, after talking with her about commissioning paintings for my children, we have the first beautiful piece of art. She came up with the creative idea of painting one of Christian’s imaginative stories and it turned better then I could have dreamed!
I cannot wait to hang this in his room-it’s just soooo him. He loved it when he saw it and said “that’s my story!”, lol. And she even painted his story around the edge of the canvas so he can remember it!

Thank you so much, Erika, you are blessed with a wonderful gift.

You can see more of her wonderful work here. Erika Jones