Another long, but good day

Wow, was the weather great today! I managed to get my peppers and tomatoes planted this afternoon-YAY! I didn’t get quite as much accomplished as I would have liked because out AC was acting goofy again. Had to take some time out to call the repair man, then wait while he worked on it. Thankfully all is well and the AC is working fine now.

This evening was so nice, I couldn’t stay inside. I took Bella outside to play for a bit. She, of course, was completely focused on calling for the “dat” and “daw” (cat and dog for those of you who don’t speak Bellanese). I snapped a few pictures of her (can you imagine that!). lol!

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  1. Zarah Miller Says:

    Leah, my name is Zarah Miller, I don’t know if you know my brothers Joel or Jason Miller, but anywho I’m a friend of Bekah and Joanna’s, and I wanted to tell you… YOU ROCK!!!!! You’re photography is sooooooo AWESOME! God has given you a magnificent gift! I look at these pictures and I think that they should be in a calendar!! They are just so beautiful and marvelous! And I’m not just saying that to flatter you either, when I say something I truely mean it and you can ask Bekah or Joanna that. But I was leaving you a comment to see if you would be interested in taking my senior pictures. I’m a senior this coming fall, and I didn’t know if you would be interested in anything like that. I really don’t want to get my senior pictures done at McKown or anything, I’d rather get them done by someone more flexible and someone I’m at least kind of aquainted with. If you would be interested just let me know and give me some prices. My e-mail is I hope to hear from you soon! Thanx
    ~Zarah Miller~
    p.s. Your baby is BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS!!! She has the most beautiful eyes! And your boys are so handsome too!!

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